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Learn Which States Prohibit Payday Loans

Depending on where you are located in the US, payday loans may be prohibited in your area. Cash advances and payday loans work as small amounts that are regulated by each state based on their own laws and conditions.

Many states hold their own penalties for violating these payday loan regulations, which is why it is necessary to find out what states allow payday loans, and what states prohibit them. Firstly, payday lending is not allowed in Georgia because it is seen as a racketeering violation. Payday loan services are also not allowed in New York or New Jersey, as well as Arkansas. Numerous other states regulate the APRs used in cash advances and payday loan companies with limits on the lending services that are used for these loan amounts.

Currently, there are 35 states that allow payday lenders to authorize these loans directly into a bank account with high interest rates and no regulation of the rates that are used in the lending process. Specifically, Wisconsin is one of states that does not have a cap on the interest rates used for a cash loan service, so there is no regulation as to how high the rate can be on the loan amount. Many of these states that do not regulate the APRs have an incredibly high APR rate that does affect how much you will end up paying as a total when you secure a temporary payday loan.

This the specific reason that you do need to be vigilant in shopping around to several companies, depending on what area of the United States that you are located in. Many of the reputable payday loan services have websites available with FAQs that will allow you to get all of your questions answered. Furthermore, you can go to their location and meet with a payday loan representative to allow you to discuss with them which terms will be best for you. This is what needs to be done to ensure that you are comfortable in the loan amount that you are getting from the cash advance company lending to you. Many people go into these situations not knowing exactly what they are asking for and have an outcome that is uncomfortable to them, potentially causing more debt.

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